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1.     填写Visitor Visa Application Form,代号10172.     填写Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry,代号1025 3.     填写Supplementary Application Form for Chinese Visitors, Students andWorkers,代号1027 4.     申请费;5.     邀请信(格式见下文)6.     两张护照照片;7.     护照原件;8.     身份证复印件;9.     户口本;10.   亲属关系公证;11.   担保人护照首页及PR签证页复印件(或者新西兰护照),需要太平绅士签字;12.   担保人提供存款证明,每个人每个月1000纽币;13.   其他材料:      a)    如果申请的签证超过6个月,需要提供X-ray Certificate for Temporary Entry,代号1096;      b)    如果有工作,需要提供单位准假信;      c)    如果已退休,需要提供退休证。
(邀请人姓名)Allen XX
(邀请人地址)XX ST Albans StreetST AlbansChristchurchNew Zealand(邀请人电话)Tel: 0064 XXX(邀请人邮箱)Email: [email protected]

(正文)To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to invite (与邀请人关系)my mother XXX to visit me in New  Zealand for a period of (邀请的长度)2 months.

She will stay here for 2 months with me and will go back to China on XX August. I will cover all expenses during her visit in New Zealand.

If you have any question regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me, thank you.

Yours Sincerely
(签名)Allen XX(日期)26/01/2017